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Best SEO
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Best SEO
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Best SEO
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Best Search
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This tool is absolutely fantastic!

Trevor Stolber
Digital Marketer at Stolber Digital

This is an amazing tool

Marcelo De Viva
CEO at Gryffin

This tool is one of its kind

Mesmer Doué
Digital Marketing Consultant at BLUE LANCE

TurnYour Writing Process
Into an Easy Ride

Install the add-on and optimize your text on the go
Improve your text’s
Maintain your tone
of voice
Check if your content
is unique
Step 1
Install the add-on and optimize your text on the go
  • Enter your target keywords and get a list of semantically related terms to include in your content
  • Make sure you don’t overuse certain keywords
  • Get reminders to add alt attributes for your images
  • Ensure your links are not broken
Step 2
Improve your text’s
  • Analyze your copy’s complexity and see a target readability score based on your top 10 search rivals
  • Get recommendations on word count
  • Optimize your title and see whether titles comply with Google’s guidelines
Step 3
Maintain your tone
of voice
  • Identify the tone of voice of your content piece - casual, neutral or formal
  • 修改您的最休闲、最正式的句子that stand out from the text
Step 4
Check if your content
is unique
  • Detect the total percentage of copied words in your text and identify original sources of content from across the web
  • Monitor the work of your freelance or in-house writers to make sure their content is original

Use the Tool Where You’re
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Bring value to your
Stand out from the
Improve your
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