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The Social
Media Advertising Consultant Who Delivers Tangible Results

I have worked with Fortune 500 companies and A-list celebrities.


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UseSocial Media Advertising
to Grow Your Business Multifold

Social media can help you到达世界上几乎一半的人口and target specific audiences. But expecting those kinds of results organically would be unwise.

You need to invest in social media advertising campaigns to reach your target audience in a more effective way. And, seeking help from an expert social media advertising consultant like me canhelp you do things more efficiently.


  • 到达高度目标的客户段
  • 跨平台运行成本效益的广告系列
  • 创建与目标受众共鸣的广告副本
  • 从您的广告系列中获取最佳ROI

I am a social media marketing consultant with25+ years of experience和庞大的客户列表。

Some of the biggest and smartest brands trust me with their social media marketing and advertising campaigns and so can you.

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Hire theBest Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is very effective, but only if it is done right. If not, it could turn into a cash drain.

Hiring a skilled and experienced social media consultant can go a long way inensuring the success of your campaignsand saving money in the long run. When it comes to social media advertising consultants, there are few who have as much experience as me.

我的end-to-end social media advertising consulting services包括:

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  • 受众研究为了帮助您理解和定义目标受众,以便您可以更好地定位他们

  • Competitor researchto see what leading industry players are doing that you can replicate for your campaigns

  • 帮助战略和广告系列设计包括广告组,广告数量,平台的选择,要使用的广告副本类型,等等。

  • Tips for ad content and designto help you create engaging ads that your audience is more likely to engage with

  • Guidance on A/B testing测试各种设计元素,并评估哪些广告与目标受众最有效

  • 帮助竞选管理for all platforms to ensure that things run smoothly and you get the desired results

  • 绩效跟踪和报告的监督为了帮助您衡量自己设定的目标的绩效


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BrandsThat Trust Our Services


How Do I工作?


While my advice differs from client to client, the process of how I work remains similar.

When you hire me as a social media advertising consultant, this is how things will progress:

  • 介绍性通话/要求收集

  • 社交媒体个人资料审核

  • Target Audience Audit

  • Advice on Social Media Strategy Development

  • Guidance on Strategy Implementation

  • A/B测试和广告系列改进的提示

  • 整体竞选管理指南

  • 帮助绩效测量和报告

Take your social media advertising campaigns to the next level under my guidance. I am one of the leading social media advertising consultants and I deliver on my promises.

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  • 问:您担任社交媒体广告顾问多久了?


    When you work with me, you can rest assured that your campaign is in expert hands.

  • Q. When should I hire a social media advertising consultant, rather than an agency?

    A. If you want full control of your campaigns, but only want an expert in an advisory capacity, then you hire a social media advertising consultant.

    However, if you want someone to plan and run your social media ad campaigns end-to-end, then you should hire an agency. Check out mysocial media advertising agency页面以了解有关我们提供的服务的更多信息。

  • 问:如果我雇用您作为顾问,我可以期待流量和转化量增加多少?雷电竞下载app苹果

    A. This is very subjective and varies from client to client. Some important factors that affect this are budget, campaign duration, audience type, and ad copy.

    However, one thing that I can promise is that I will help you get better results with less money than you would have achieved yourself.

  • 问:您专门研究哪些社交媒体广告平台?

    A. I can help you plan and run advertising campaigns on every social media platform. Once I understand your goals and your audience, I will also suggest which platforms you should choose.

  • Q. Will you also help with ad content creation and design?

    A. Yes, I will help with all aspects of your campaign, but you will need a team of copywriters and designers to execute my suggestions.

    If you don’t have that, I can provide you with that over and above my consulting services. We can discuss your specific requirements over a call and make a customized plan for you.

  • Q. Have any other questions?

    A. Please feel free to ask.

Want to Take Your Successful
Social Media Advertisinga Notch Higher?

Hire me as a social media advertising consultant andrun successful campaignswith a higher ROI. Invest in my consulting services and save money while driving better results.

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