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We have run successful ad campaigns for all types of clients. 您的付费社交运动未能获得理想的结果吗?投资我们的社交媒体广告服务,以从您的广告系列中获得最佳ROI。



Did you know that more thanhalf of the world’s population is currently on social media?

是的,您可以在社交媒体上吸引数百万人。但它does not happen organically.

Social media advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience on social media. And, our social media advertising services can ensure that you获得最佳的投资回报率from your paid social campaigns.


  • 到达高度目标的客户段
  • 跨平台运行成本效益的广告系列
  • Create ad copy that resonates with your target audience
  • 从您的广告系列中获取最佳ROI

We specialize in planning and executingsophisticated advertising campaignsand creatingad funnelsto achieve specific goals.

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Get the Best Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising these days has becomeextremely effective and targeted。您一次搜索某些东西,并且在几分钟之内,您将在社交媒体上看到一个广告。


我们公司的end-to-end social media advertising servicesinclude:

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  • 受众研究to understand whom you should target and what their needs and preferences are
  • 竞争对手研究看看别人在做什么,对他们有用的事情以及如何做得更好
  • 策略和广告系列设计including ad groups, number of ads, type of ad copy to be used, choice of platforms, etc.
  • Ad copy and image creation设计广告,使您获得最大的参与度和目标受众的点击率
  • A/B测试to test ad copy and analyze which social media advertisements work best with your target audience
  • End-to-end campaign management对于所有平台,以确保您获得最佳的投资回报
  • Performance tracking and reporting分析您的竞选结果并重新评估未来策略

我们的社交媒体广告专家团队由Shane Barker领导,Shane Barker是一名拥有25年经验的数字营销顾问。雷竞技如何下载app

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  • 专门的社交媒体专家to handle your ad campaigns
  • 完全透明度about where every cent of your ad spend is used
  • Low-risk contract,鉴于我们久经考验的记录和多样化的客户
  • The best team of copywritersand designers at your disposal

We offer best-in-class social media advertising services that few can match. Why? Because we are experts in social media marketing and advertising.

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How Do We Work?

When you invest in our services, you will get a completely定制策略and approach. We take pride in the level of customization that we provide even when offering the same services to different clients.

However, the basicprocess of how we workremains more or less the same. If you decide to invest in our effective social media advertising services, here’s how things will proceed:

  • 介绍性通话/要求收集
  • Audience and Competitor Research
  • 定制的社会读出a Advertising Strategy Creation
  • 最终确定母猪(工作声明)
  • 策略的执行
  • A/B测试和广告系列改进
  • 竞选管理和KPI跟踪
  • 绩效测量和报告



答:我们的社交媒体专家团队由Shane Barker领导,他拥有25年以上的行业经验。我们曾与《财富》 500强公司,名人,行业专家和其他类型的客户合作。


At the outset, we will help you set SMART goals and will commit to a mutually-agreed-upon target for these KPIs. Whether your goal is lead generation or to increase sales, we can help you achieve it.

这在很大程度上取决于你会多少钱ling to spend on your ad campaign. The wider your audience is and the longer the campaign runs, the more traffic you will get. Conversions, on the other hand, are more subjective and can be improved but a fixed number can’t be guaranteed.

When planning your campaign, we will give you a fair idea of how much traffic and conversions you can expect for a certain budget. Rest assured that we will help you find a good balance and get you the best possible ROI.

A. You will get a dedicated account manager/social media manager to handle your account from strategy design to campaign execution. Shane will be involved in an advisory capacity to discuss your requirements and oversee all aspects of your campaign.

If you want Shane to work in an advisory role and want to run the campaign yourself, you can hire him as a社交媒体广告顾问


A. We offer end-to-end social media advertising services that include ad design. We will, of course, work closely with you to bring your ideas to life. Our expert team of copywriters and designers will create engaging ad copy targeted at your audience.

A. Please feel free to ask.

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Our proven social media advertising services can help you get the most out of your ad spend and achieve your campaign goals. Hire our services to see for yourself.